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TRGN Acts:

TRGN Acts is a free Bible School for all Christians, not only for Pastors or leaders.

Just because TRGN Acts training is free does not mean that this School is of lower quality or not effective. We purposely made this School free because we consider that Bible School should be available for All Christians, because ALL of the Body of Christ should act powerfully in their everyday lives.

TRGN Acts is another way to see a Bible School. A practical test will be assigned at the end of every course. You will be able to adapt the timing of the courses to your personnal schedule.

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The real good news Ministry launches a better way to live the teachings of the Bible in your everyday life.

"TRGN Acts" is not a school, or a Bible college. TRGN Acts is a Department of the Christian Ministry TRGN, which caters to all Christians.
Most  schools or Bible colleges have a somewhat an "exclusive" connotation which gives the impression that this type of establishment is only reserved to future Christian leaders, future pastors or in any case to individuals who have the vision to work full time for the Gospel.

"TRGN acts" offers a biblical teaching suitable for all.

This training is not only intended to future leaders, but also to Christians who wish to have a life in accordance with the teachings of the Bible.
TRGN Acts is accessible to all without for this to provide "diluted or light lessons ". The courses are customized, oriented in modules always arising on a practical implementation. In the TRGN Ministry, we believe that the theory without any practice is useless. This is why at the end of each course, each student should be able to explain one or more updates of the teaching that the student would put into practice.

The Real Good News Ministry offers "TRGN Acts" for free. No financial contribution will be ever asked you. The development and monitoring of these courses takes a lot of time to us, some energy, and in some cases some finances, everyone will understand in an obvious way that his candidacy will be examined to determine if the candidate is truly motivated and ready to invest himself in this training.
TRGN acts takes place over two years at the rate of one course per month, itself consists of 4 to 6 modules along with put into practice objectives.

Frequently asked questions.

·         Are there any hidden fees in this school?
No. TRGN Acts is completely free. Your only cost will eventually the printing of the courses as well as document scan to return your answers to us, this is the case where you do not have a computer, and that you must go through an Internet cafe or a public library.

·         Where are the course?
Each course is sent by Email in video and PDF format, via our website www.therealgoodnews.org . The courses can be downloaded for free. An internet connection is required to access them. However for those who have no internet connection, some adaptations can be implemented via our offices. If you are in this case, let us know your problem by sending a request to trgn.acts@therealgoodnews.org , we will try to find a solution together.

·         What is the procedure for registration?
To register you must write to us by email at trgn.acts@therealgoodnews.org by sending us a letter from 400 words minimum where you explain how you became a Christian. Then you will need to send us by email a 400 words minimum cover letter that shows your determination to learn and develop in your life all the potential that you have received at your new birth, in order to be integrated in this school for two years.

·         Can I stop the course before the end of the two years?
Yes, but this is not a good thing. Understand that these courses will be fully effective only if you continue the program in its entirety. In addition, if you decide to leave the current training, we will have lost a precious time that we maybe could devote to someone else. Please think well before you start your application.

In the same subject, if we don't have any news from you after more than three month, we will consider that your registration in TRGN Acts is cancelled. You have four weeks to answer each course, this is why if after those four weeks, you go on for two month without contacting us to give us the reason why you did not get back to us, your registration will unfortunately be cancelled. There is more and more people who send us their application to be registered in our school, all the applications are now on a waiting list, this is why we can't afford to keep room for some people that do not wish to continue with us anymore. In this particular case, and without a good reason from you that we will judge as good or not, you will not be able to register at TRGN Acts anymore.

·         How much time should I devote to courses?
TRGN Acts wants to adapt to all Christians. Everyone has his family occupations, professional, recreational pursuits, we are well aware of it. We have developed each course so that it extends over a period of a month on average. Generally two to three hours per week are needed to assimilate each course. Each one can organize himself as he wishes. It may happen that a person takes 6 or even 8 weeks to finish a course, it is not a problem at all, because everyone is different in his ability to learn and his diary. Some will be quick to assimilate a course, but on the other hand may be longer putting into practice implementation, the opposite is also true. If you realise that you have some difficulties to answer some questions or to achieve you objective, don't wait the end of the four weeks to ask us some help

·         Are my answers returned to me corrected?
Yes of course. Each student will receive a personalized correction answers.

·         Will I have a diploma at the end of training?
We will give you a certificate of training based on the reputation of the real good news Ministry. This certificate has no value of State regardless of the country where you are.

To have access to the next course each student will have to pass the goals or objectives from the previous course. This will help you to have acquire each course in its fullness before jumping to the next course.

Each course is sent in the PDF format by email, also a video who comes to complete this same course.


Download the courses details Here.




Here are some videos that are part of some courses, so each can have an idea on how the courses are setup.




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