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TRGN Foundations

A free biblical training for all Christians who wish to deepen their roots, but also for those who ask themselves questions about their existence, or about their present religion.

We have chosen to make this formation free because we consider that every Christian should be able to put down roots in the Gospel . But also that every human being has the right to know where he comes from and where he is heading to.

TRGN Foundations is another way of looking at biblical training. You will study practical subjects that will push you to change effortlessly in your everyday life.






The real Good News Ministry is launching a Bible training for everyone, to help you to take deeper roots, or even to discover what the Bible says about you. TRGN Foundations is not a school, nor a Bible college. TRGN Foundations is a training we offer for anyone who wants to know the basics of the Gospel, whether you are a new Christian, or a long-time Christian, but also a person who simply wants to know more about the Bible or how much God loves him.


TRGN foundations offers you personalised Bible teaching according to your expectations.

Even if this training is oriented towards people who have just gone through the new birth, we are very conscious that many Christians need a solid foundation in their everyday life. But also, whether you are simply interested in knowing more about the personal offer Jesus made to you when He came on earth, or whether you are wondering about your own religion, TRGN foundations is here to help you.


TRGN Foundations is a training course based on all our Bible studies which are available on the page of our website, as well as on all the teaching videos. At the TRGN Ministry we believe that theory without the implementation of solid foundations is useless. That is why you will be personally monitored in this training through email exchanges. No pressure will ever be put on you to force you to do anything.

The Ministry of The Real Good News offers this TRGN foundations free of charge. No financial participation will ever be asked from you, but you can if you wish, help us to keep offering our services for free by clicking here.

The elaboration and the personalised follow-up of these studies require time, energy and in some cases finances. Everyone will obviously understand that his or her application will be reviewed to determine whether the candidate is really motivated, determined and ready to invest himself seriously in this training.


Frequently asked questions.

  • How long will this training last?


It all depends on you. You can simply register for one subject only if you choose so. We have a series of several dozen biblical subjects. You have the possibility to choose one or to study them all, one after the other, if you wish.

In practice, once you have chosen your first topic, we will send you a link to download a Bible study related to the topic you have chosen. You can either read and meditate on this study in Ebook format on your screen, or print it out and bind it on paper (at your own expense). Then we will ask you to start reading this study slowly. You may have to read certain passages or even the whole study several times. We, at TRGN, consider that it is impossible to integrate 100% of a teaching from the first reading. That is why you will surely need to read them more than once. As you will be reading, questions will begin to arise. In this case you will have to stop reading and try to understand first and answer your question by yourself. If you are not able to do so or if you are not sure about it, you will have to send us your question by email with the page number of the related study. If you are able to answer the question, please email us your question and the answer that seems correct to you so we can help you to understand what is being taught and especially how to apply it in your everyday life. Don't forget to mention the page number and to copy the text that have generated your question, this will save us precious time in our corrections. Don't forget to proofread your answers before sending them back in order to check that they correspond to what you want to express, but also to correct any possible typing errors.


  • Are there any hidden costs in this school?

No. TRGN Foundations is entirely free. Your only expenses will be the printing of the Bible study sheets, as well as the return of your answers by email (internet connection). You can nevertheless help us if you wish, by clicking here.


  • Where do the courses take place?

Wherever you have an internet connection. Each teaching is sent by email on video or paper (PDF) format via our website www.threalgoodnews.org . The studies will be sent free of charge. An internet connection is necessary to access them.


  • What are the registration procedures?

To enrol you must write to us by email at trgn.foundations@therealgoodnews.org with a letter of at least 400 words.


  • Can I stop the training in the middle of the course?

Yes, but it's not a good idea. Understand that this training will only be fully effective if you continue the entire program until completing your topic. Also, if you decide to leave the training, you will be depriving yourself of significant improvements in your life. Think carefully before you apply, as you will not be able to return to the program at a later date.

On the other hand, if we do not hear from you for more than a month, we will consider your registration in TRGN foundations to be terminated. As we receive many applications, we cannot afford to keep places for people who no longer wish to continue.


  • How much time do I need to spend on my studies?

TRGN Foundations wants to accommodate any motivated person. Everyone has their own occupations - family, professional, recreational, we are well aware of this. In general, two to three hours per week are necessary to assimilate the teachings for a good practical application. Everyone can organise himself as he wishes. Everyone is different in his or her ability to learn as well as in the practical application. Some will be quick to assimilate a teaching, whereas others will take longer to put into practice, the opposite is also true.

  • Isn't free training of poor quality?
One can indeed think that the fact that TRGN Foundations is free could be a superficial formation.  If we have chosen to offer the opportunity to participate in this formation free of charge, it is simply to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial means.  We at TRGN believe that everyone has the right to have access to this training according to their motivation and not according to their financial situation. We understand that some may nevertheless consider that free training is not of a very high standard. If this is your case, you can, if you wish, estimate an amount for a training course that you consider satisfactory, and make a donation of this amount to TRGN foundations. In this way you will receive a serious training that gives good results for an amount that you will have evaluated yourself.


Each Bible study is sent in PDF format by email, it is possible that the teaching material may also be on video.


Download the list of the studies by themes Here.







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