The Real Good News is a non-profit Christian ministry, created for the purpose of teaching born again Christians to take advantage of all that Jesus Christ has already given to them. We desire to help fellow believers manifest the fruit of the Holy Spirit who dwells in them: ┬álove, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, self-control. All these things are in unity together and cannot be separate from one another.

We believe that this fruit is already in the one who is born again. We simply must learn how to activate it, and manifest it with the help of the Holy Spirit. This a long term process at the rate of growth according to the personality and commitment of the person following Jesus Christ.

Too often, the born again Christian is still after many years not finding real answers to their questions, dealing with the same problems, and putting up with the same mediocre results.

The Real Good News that Jesus has taught is more than enough to answer all our questions, problems and change these average results.

Jesus said in Mark 16: 17-18 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

Not enough Christians manifest these signs today. Yet Jesus did not say that it would not be something exceptional, but just a normal thing for those who believe.

People are often quite happy with poor results because of lack of Bible knowledge and what it really teaches to us. A man in the Bible named Hosea, said from God: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. It is symptomatic today, that the vast majority of born again Christians have less than 10% of their prayers come to pass. When they are sick, their first impulse is to pray and then straight away run to see a GP.

If it’s your case, God is not mad at you at all. And there is something better for you, He loves you with an unconditional love. You can’t do anything, or say anything for God to love you more, or for Him to love you less. But Jesus came to tell us that there is a better way, a much better way than a heavy life to carry, There is a much better way than having 10% of your prayers come to pass. There is a much better way than only producing sporadic fruit in your everyday life.
The source of all these problems is a lack of knowledge. Here again, God is not mad at you. We are all called to progress and advance in His knowledge. It is an ongoing, daily process in our Christian lives. God simply wants you to grow in the knowledge of His Words for you to become an accomplished and purpose-filled Christian.

We understand that all of you can’t spend whole days, one after the other, to study and pray. Everybody has commitments, the essential duties such as family, children, work, etc. That’s why the team of the Real Good News will help you save time with these teachings. This will not replace the part you do, but these teachings will help you gain precious time, and not only that, will take you further ahead in your Christian journey. It’s like a climber who attempts a new rock wall, and maybe marks the track with arrows. This has the effect that the climber who comes after him will reach the top of the mountain more quickly, and in security, without making mistakes and without losing time. The result is that the one who has made the track, just like the one who will go up after him, will arrive exactly at the same place right at the top.

Jesus, just before dying on the cross said, “All is accomplished”. That means that there is nothing to add to this. All has been done perfectly from God’s perspective. Everything you need, you have already received at your new birth and when the Holy Spirit came to dwell in you. There is nothing to add. As I often say, “We are condemned to succeed”.

If you’re not born again, you need access to what God has prepared for you. You cannot imagine the potential that Jesus Christ has put into you by dying voluntarily on the cross. Your everyday life will be “revolutionised”. We are here to help you to achieve your potential. The Real Good News Ministry will help you very simply but very efficiently.

My name is Franck Kvaskoff. I became Christian in May 1986 in a church in Brisbane, Australia. I then spent a little less than 20 years in an evangelical church of the Assembly of God in France. After 20 years living a mediocre Christian life (by my fault only) when I think about it, the Holy Spirit made me understand that I had an enormous need to know Him better, to team up with Him. He has this will for each one of us. I write nothing that I haven’t experimented with and don’t practice in my everyday life, which will give you the proof that “It’s possible”, that you can make it.

I am very conscious that we don't all have the physical time to spend many hours or whole days to spend studying the Bible as much as that is a goal we should strive for. But that is why these studies have been prepared -to help you save some time. This should not exclude you from making some effort and implementing discipline to spend time with God through His Word in your everyday life. The gift of the Holy Spirit is also here to help us, He’s the one -much more than me- who will take you on this fabulous and powerful adventure.

For nearly 9 years, I have been impressed to help write these teachings, and at the same time continue to learn and grow in the knowledge of His Words.
This resulted in the birth of the Real Good News Ministry.

We are starting with a small team who help me to proof read, amend, and provide advice. Our vision will have no limit because the Holy Spirit doesn’t have limits. Therefore our project will grow more and more.


You are Blessed.




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