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Many of us dream about doing great things more or less ostentatious.
For some it will be to create a great ministry, for others to speak about the grace of Christ everywhere, for others to do great miracles in the name of Jesus, for others to write profound books, for others to see the power of God acting in front of their eyes, for others to go helping entire populations who suffer... etc.

All these things are good and are in line with the will of God.
However nothing will happen without deep changes on your part. Not that we should deserve such things in our lives, not at all.

So why changing? Why the Holy Spirit would like us to change before doing such things?

Quite simply because without a profound change from us, every business will be doomed to failure and will lead to a deep frustration.
Understand that it is important to change in order to adopt the way of thinking of God, the nature of God, because otherwise it will be impossible to accomplish what He has planned for you, because you will not be qualified for it.
The Holy Spirit is looking for people who wish to firstly change their behaviour, and not for people who want to rush without thinking about it, only using their human nature.

You have a vision?
You have a dream to accomplish that God gave you?
You have a growing passion inside of you?
Then agree to die in your flesh with Christ. Remember, when you have been baptized you have proclaimed your carnal death in Christ. Focus firstly on a profound change of behaviour that will follow the nature of God who has developed in your thoughts.
Let the Holy Spirit train you, show you, teach you, let Him change you, to develop this new person who is already within you.

As you are changing, you're going to let this new person develops. With patience and perseverance, one day the Holy Spirit will come and tell you: “Ok my boy, Ok my daughter, it's time to go now, get up, the adventure begins”.

Do not believe that this day, your change will be completed, not at all, it will continue throughout all your life.
There, you will take great pleasure in learning and changing more, and great things will come by themselves.

Bye for now...