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It is very easy to listen to teachings, to watch videos, and to rejoice, thinking that these things that I listen to, made me strong, and I have reached my goal.

All are able to speak like this, quoting passages from the Bible, posting messages on the internet. Or even in conversations saying things like: “Of course we must put on the nature of Christ and I did it!” Or “God is my life, I would follow Him no matter what. Denying myself, yes I did it years ago! “. Or so “Of course I trust God in all areas of my life, He's my Father!”

There is a rule that no one can change.
It is only when I am facing with a seemingly problematic situation, where my faith must be activated, that I will be sure that all of these words came from a deep reflection, and not simply from words I spoke without thinking about them.

Peter beat some of us speaking a little too fast in this area.

"Lord, he said unto him, I am ready to go with you and in prison, and until death." »

"Denied again. And immediately the rooster crowed. »

Therefore, it is very easy to speak when everything is going well, very easy to stay in peace when there are no problems.

When I am facing a problem in my life, the best barometer to know where my spiritual state is at,  will be to listen to myself talking.
Listen to ourselves talking, looking at our response will reveal where I position myself.

·         The doctor told me that I had an incurable disease, it is a disaster, I am demoralized.
·         I just found out that I don't have enough money to pay this Bill, how am I going to make it out?
·         I lost my job, I'm finished.
·         I prayed for this disease, but I still have all the symptoms, it didn't work!
·         My relative is in hospital, between life and death, I don't know what to do.
·         I have not heard about such or such, something happened to them!
·         God doesn't listen to me anymore!


Away from me the thought to diminish anyone, this isn't my say. But this kind of sentences are too often in the mouth of Christians when they face a difficulty.
When you speak like this, your barometer shows you that you have a problem of faith. You rely on what the circumstances show you instead of relying on what God says about that. Your 5 senses dominate and regulate your thoughts and your words.

This is not what a son or a daughter is. We diminish ourselves on our own by thinking this way. We give satan an opportunity to suggest even worse thoughts. We make things even worse, fattening the problem.
Our words in difficult times really are the light of our inner state.

If you recognize yourself in this, change things. There are several ways to do so.
You’ve got more than you need to change. You need to know what your position of child of God means, what it involves.


This is an example of the same list with an active faith.
It's only at that price that we can see the power of His Word in our lives, and live in peace and joy.
It is in this way that God intends us to react, He gave us more than enough faith in order to position ourselves in this way of thinking.
This is just the normal Christian life!

Remember to listen to yourself talking next time you face a problem in your life.

Bye for now.