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Too many people today think that they are born again but unfortunately are not.
They talk like Christians, go to church every Sunday as Christians, but since that they think to have given their lives to Jesus Christ, no change of attitude appeared in their lives. The fruits are not there.

It is one of the biggest demonic strategies, to convince people that they are saved, and that they are not. Thinking to be saved, they no longer seek salvation in Jesus.

Above all, my goal isn't to blame anyone, but simply to help you acquire this insurance that you are really saved. I understand that the new birth is a personal matter, but the fruit of your repentance must be present in your life.

If you've not seen changes of attitude in your life as a result of your decision to follow Jesus and His teachings, there are chances that you did not have a good teaching on this subject, and that you are not born again.
If this is the case we will be very happy to help you to access the new birth in Jesus Christ.

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