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Confessing our sins to others does not mean you to tell them.
Confess means: To get in agreement with the others, compared to the offense of a sin.

The bible says to confess our sins to one another. James 5: 16.

Often most of Christians think that confessing our sins means that we just have to tell them to the other.
From this fact often results in humiliation, frustration sometimes, in regard to one another.
Confessing is a voluntary action with the aim of a reconciliation, in regard to another person. Confessing literally in this context means " I put myself in agreement with... ยป.
But in agreement with what?
Simply in agreement with what the Bible says, in regard to my thought, my attitude or my word that has generated this sin.
If then I confess a sin to someone, I'll tell him (her) that I'm putting myself in line according to what the Bible says, concerning an offense that I have generated against that same person.

In a sequence of actions there are:

Repentance = Change my way of thinking.
Confessing = Get in agreement with.
Forgiveness = Declare with love my regret to the other.

From this arises the real freedom that the Gospel brings, then I am free from myself, no longer slave of my faults.

In the same way for those passages which say to confess Jesus Christ.
Philippians 2: 11
1 John 2: 23
1 John 4: 2
1 John 4: 3

All these passages simply say that he (she) who confesses Jesus Christ, put himself (herself) in agreement with Him (Jesus Christ). He (she) adopts the words of Jesus in his (her) own life.

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