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Last week a person on the street come up to me and to give me a flyer.

It was an invitation for a meal in a mosque, where they had an “open house” evening.
I said to myself: “This is a fantastic opportunity to talk and show the love of Jesus to the Muslims, and why not maybe that I will meet someone who is sick and he will receive his healing” .

The day arrived, we went into this mosque with my wife Christine. There we took a meal kindly prepared, meet 2 or 3 persons.
As the time to leave came and seeing that nothing special had happened yet, I told myself that I should be able to speak about the grace of God in a way or another.

At this time, we were in the midst of a hundred people, in the court of the mosque. There was a woman who had been invited like us, and who comes to me. She knew that I was praying for the sick because she saw me at our healing tent on the market.

She told me: "Franck I'm glad to see you here, I need you to pray for me, I fell this morning, and I can no longer move the wrists, It’s really painful".

Then in the middle of the court of the mosque, and among dozens of Muslim men, women and children who were very close to us, I commanded in the name of Jesus Christ for those two wrists to be healed. I prayed three times, and in less than 10 minutes this woman had more than 60% back of their mobility.

Everyone looked at me, everybody heard me pray, nobody said anything, but all heard...

That night was a good job with the Holy Spirit!