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Most Christians believe that the Gospel is there in first place to heal, to make them rich, to make them prosper, to solve their problems, etc...

But God did not send Jesus His Son for that...
Of course we have access to all these things, but the purpose of the Gospel, of new birth, is not that God could bring us healing, finances or prosperity.

It is important to understand that the first goal, primarily thing for which we have been saved, the primarily reason for which Jesus died on the cross, is for us to be like God, to have His thinking, His nature, to be as He is.

If we think that first of all God improves our lives, then we blind ourselves from more than 50% of the Gospel in our lives. Of course, in this case we don’t get the results that we read in His Word. It is unfortunately the case of more than 70% of Christians worldwide. They're focusing on what God can give them, instead of being focused on the fact of being transformed to become like him. They are unfortunately more interested by the fact of receiving from God rather than knowing God.

If we focus on God improving our lives, then, and because we have not been transformed into His image, we can only get meagre results in our lives.
We are suspended to a blessing here and there, we talk about our last experience with God as the one that happened years ago.

So we think that the Christian life is ultimately not so great than that. We think that the miracles, the prosperity, the security, are not really for everyone, or not really still for today. We think that the life God offers us is heavy, burdensome, full of prohibitions. We think that the important thing is to go to church once a week to pray at regular hours every morning. We think that God is only a bonus in our life... We call to Him for help when everything goes wrong, we beg Him to do something, we promise Him that we will change, that we won’t do this or that anymore...
This is not the true Gospel!
All that because we have not understood the true purpose of the Gospel.

Jesus died on the cross so that I can be first of all transformed into the image of God. He took my old nature upon Him, my condition, my way of thinking, all my sins past, present and future. It has allowed me, when I have accepted it, to get rid of all this carnal nature.

Jesus was unrecognizable on the cross, the Bible says that He had not a human appearance anymore.
If Jesus had lost all human appearance, it’s because he took our condition upon Him, He became in our image. Jesus took my way of thinking, and my nature upon Him. He was without any human appearance, devastated not only by the hits, but above all by the fact that He took my condition upon Him.
That’s how we were spiritually, that’s how was our appearance before our new birth. Jesus was unrecognizable, without any human appearance. Our evil human nature became His nature for a time.

But when He has been totally immersed into this sinful nature, the power of God came, in order to remove this human nature. From being unrecognizable, Jesus found again His nature of “Word of God”, His nature of Son.

He took my nature to give me His, and it is because I realized it that I want to activate my faith to see it unfold.
I understand then that I am a son, as Jesus is His Son.
Jesus didn’t ask anything for Himself!
Because He already had everything!
All Christians have received the nature of Christ in them, but few of them have activated it with their faith.

In the same way the Gospel teaches us that we must first of all take on this condition, the one Jesus gave us.
To see it come to pass, we simply have to believe without doubting.

So, I can say: “I have entered the true Gospel”.
I consider my position on the throne, sitting with Christ.
I'm no longer a beggar who will only think about himself praying: "Oh God give me this, Oh God give me that, please”.
If those who make this kind of prayer could hear the voice of God telling them: “You already have everything. I gave you everything. Takes it with the faith that I gave you”.

As a son, I can say "I lack nothing, it is a fact because my old 'me' is dead. I have everything I need, I'm in perfect health, I'm safe".

All of these things become acquired thoughts, I don’t have to express them anymore because they have become in me facts, that nothing can knock down. So I'm going to live it on a daily basis, and I will be in peace, in order to take care of my neighbor.
I'm not a beggar anymore, because I live in the Kingdom of my Father.

This is how the Gospel is presented to us in the Bible. Do not be a beggar any longer. Put on the nature Jesus has already given you.
He has already taken care of you, so you can now take care of others.

Bye for now.