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There is no situation or circumstance that may arise in life, that the Gospel could not solve.
Stress, depression, illness, loneliness, pride, malice, envy, selfishness, insecurity, a heavy past, find a spouse, any form of addiction, all of these things along with every form of evil, will never have the upper hand on a person who lives totally in the Gospel.

God has given what He had more powerful, more perfect, Himself... so that whosoever steps into the Gospel, willingly and motivated, will see every form of evil disappearing from his personal life and his way of thinking.

Anyone who accepts the offer of Jesus Christ will have the opportunity to become like God in His nature.
Then they take freely possession of all what God possesses.
Peace, joy, prosperity, love of your neighbor, and much more, will be a part of their daily life.

Often the problem is that people do not fully step into the Gospel, so of course they only have tiny results. They think then that the Gospel is not as effective as they were told.

The Gospel in their life, this is a total integration of themselves: “I put all my trust in God, so I get all the benefits”.

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Read our studies several times, study them, send us your questions if you have any, we will help you with pleasure to completely step into the Gospel and live this kind of life.

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