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It is very interesting to see that various Christian schools are flourishing everywhere.

School of the supernatural, school of prophets, school of healing, (no one is named here, these are only examples).
The Gospel is so low that it is considered that learning to live in the supernatural, giving prophecies, or healing sick people is an exceptional thing.
We think that when we live in the supernatural, when we see miracles, or when we give words of knowledge, we are then a super Christian.

Well, no, no, no! Sorry if any of them are disappointed.
If this is your case, you are a normal Christian. Super-Christians don't exist, the Bible doesn't talk about them.
Being a Christian in all its senses already places us on a path of excellence and boundless power. 
I am not, of course, talking about people who have just been born again, and who have to take the time to learn.

Am I saying that these schools are bad?
Yes and no.

Yes, when they teach that their knowledge places people above the lot, or as an elite of the church of Christ.
Yes, when they teach that their students are super-Christians who do something exceptional.
Yes, when they are focused on a single domain.

Not if they teach that their knowledge is only the normal basis of the Gospel.
Not if they teach that there is nothing exceptional about doing all this.
Not if they teach that the purpose of every Christian is to do the same things that Jesus did, without me being propelled above my brothers and sisters.
Not if they teach that their knowledge is accessible to all Christians.

Nevertheless, all these things should be taught in local churches, Christian groups, as something completely normal to ALL those who are born again.
Each leader, pastor, or other responsible for teaching had to live all these things as natural in his personal life, they had to be the product of his identity. We can only give what we possess ourselves.

But I remain perplexed by the fact that there are no schools of humility, no schools to learn to love people unconditionally, no schools to learn to renounce oneself, no schools of generosity... etc.
Yet these things are much more important than prophecy, healing, or seeing the supernatural.

So what's going on?
Would the church in general be after tangible demonstrations more than self-transformation?
Would the church in general be more concerned about miracles than about the personal transformation of its members?

Too many teachings go in the direction that the gospel is there first to improve people's lives.
You weren't saved first to have a better life.
You were not saved to be in survival mode until Jesus' return.
You were not saved so that God would only come to heal you from your illness.
You were not saved to go to a service every Sunday.
You were not saved to do your little activity in your local church.
You were not saved to lead your ministry, however successful it may be.

The vast majority of Christians in the world believe that their salvation is only there to serve them, to improve their personal lives. They are in fact centered on themselves, and do not realize that they are in a deep egoism. They have made the Gospel a Gospel that serves them, not a Gospel that transforms them.

Yes God gives us all these things, but they are far from being the goal of being saved. All these things will stop and disappear with this world.
So if you base your whole Christian life on these things, what will you have left after you leave this world? Not much....
When you are in heaven, more better life, more healing, more miracles, more survival mode, more local church, more ministry, etc...

It is now easy to see that all these things will be of no use to us in heaven.

The Bible shows us that what lasts in heaven is our transformation into God's image.
It is our transformation to become like our father.
It is the act of expressing His nature in my daily life.
It's about renewing my intelligence.
It is the fact of developing my new person to love my neighbour as myself.
It is the fact of not returning evil for evil.
It is the fact of being humble as my father is humble.
It is loving my neighbour as myself.

Jesus said that he did nothing of Himself, he was following His father.
We know nothing of His character, of His personality, simply because it was first modelled on the person of God.
We are called Christians, so we are called to the same things that Jesus did. 

As a son or daughter, it is only the fact of being modeled on God or not, that will be counted in heaven and nothing else.

The miracles, prophecies, or supernatural things that you can unleash in the name of Jesus are nothing compared to your personal transformation. You can perform miracles and live in sin at the same time, because Jesus did not say that miracles happen with holiness, but with faith, it is enough to believe.
Performing miracles is not at all a evidence of holiness.

The supernatural, miracles, or prophecies must be a byproduct of the fact that I am transformed in the image of God, and not the other way around as we can see in most cases in the body of Christ around the world.
These things must in no way be your identity, your source. To think that they are making you what you are would be to adhere to a demonic deception.

I see miracles because I am first and foremost like my father. He works miracles, so do I!
I see supernatural because I first modeled myself on the person of God. He' s unlimited, I' m also unlimited!
I give words of knowledge of prophecies, because I first do what I see my father do. He gives words about the future, and I do too!

Put things in the right order, we are sons and daughters who act like their father, because we want to be like Him, and not humans who want to copy God.  

Bye for now.