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In most countries today, political leaders are elected by vote.

We often hear that politics has no place in the church, and that we should not be concerned about it, because apparently Jesus would not have done so.

Yet this is not quite what the Bible says. The Bible is full of political issues. Politics is simply what manages power in a society. So it is easy to see that for example a lot of the story of Joseph has to do with politics. But also the story of all the kings in the Old Testament, the Judges, the Law of Moses: all of this is part of politics. Today things have been modernised, but there is still an organisation of power in every country.

Some may say to me: "Yes, but Franck, this is the Old Testament, today we are in the New Covenant". 

There is a big difference between doing politics and being involved in politics. By "doing politics" I mean engaging in politics. And by "being involved in politics'' I mean taking an interest in politics in order to simply make the right choices. 

Jesus dealt with the politics of His time, but He never did politics during His mission. Whenever He spoke to the Pharisees, Jesus was dealing with politics because He was speaking and expressing His thoughts about the way power was organised among the Jewish people.

I am not saying that being political is a bad thing for a Christian. We can make that choice, but our role as Christians must always take precedence over any role as political activists. That is to say, I am a militant for the kingdom of God before being a militant for a political movement. This is in addition to the fact that we have to find a political movement or party that is in line with what the Bible teaches, which is far from simple.

A political system is what will give a certain direction to the country. That is why if elections are held in our country, we must take part for the good of the Church first.

Most Christians who have decided not to vote anymore, do not do so because they have not found any political party that is in line with the Bible. Added to this is the fact that many local churches wrongly teach not to get involved in politics.

If you look around the world, the Church of Jesus Christ is outside the politics of their country, but there are some local churches that are sometimes so involved in politics that they forget the balance and their main mission.


So how do we navigate all this?

Should we be involved in politics, or should we vote?

There are countries like Australia, for example, where voting is compulsory. If you choose not to vote, you will be fined $80. So there are places where you have no choice: voting is compulsory in 22 countries around the world.

When I was a young Christian in France, I ended up voting blank because I couldn't see any political party that wasn't corrupt, or that had biblical values. On the other hand I did not have the knowledge of what the Bible says, as I have today.

But as the years go by and maturity sets in, we understand that we have to be governed by someone or by a political team depending on the country we are in. Whether we like it or not, there will be a government in place, and depending on the type of government, the Church will have more or less difficulty in living according to its faith and values, and in spreading the Gospel in the country. Therefore, for the good of the Church, we must know how to vote appropriately.

So of course I don't know of any government that is totally in line with what the Bible says. But it is important to realise, whether we like it or not, that someone will be appointed to lead the government of the country we live in. So in many cases it is appropriate to vote for the least worst, for the person who has values that are closest to what the Bible teaches.  


Unfortunately, however, there are far too many Christians in the world who are not aware of what the Bible teaches in terms of lifestyle, or in terms of the power structure of a country's society. Today there are many demonic currents that have slowly but surely taken hold in our societies, and this without the majority of Christians having noticed. Of course, these currents will be different depending on the country, the culture and the customs. But we can nevertheless have clarity about certain practices that are commonplace in many countries. satan acts all over the world, that is why we will find certain demonic thoughts in most societies of the world.

If you are a Christian, it is important that you are well aware of certain practices in societies found in many countries.

I don't want to make an exhaustive list, which would be quickly outdated anyway, but we can cite some examples of societal actions that the Bible does not recommend, and sometimes even condemns.


These are just the main examples that are often found in political party proposals. This helps to give us a clearer view of what God is saying on this subject. We should not vote for a party that has one of these issues as an important or strong part of its programme, if we want to be in line with what God says.

There are four main political movements, apart from the dictatorships that can be found in different countries of the world. We will try to compare them according to a single example. These four movements are:

These names may be slightly different in certain countries. We will therefore see in a single case how these four ideas are implemented in practice.

Let's take the example of a farmer who owns a cow and earns an income from it to support his family. Let's see how we can apply these four policy ideas to this farmer and his cow.

Liberalism, often also called in some countries a Republican Party:

Our farmer will in this case be able to milk his cow and then sell his milk at whatever price he wants, whenever he wants. All the profit from its sale goes to him and he is the full owner of his cow.



Our farmer will be able to milk his cow, but this time he cannot set the price for the milk himself. The government of his country sets the price of the milk for him, and he is obliged to comply. All the profit from its sale goes to him and he is the full owner of his cow.


Our farmer no longer owns his cow, because the government of his country has taken possession of it. Of course he cannot set the price for the milk himself. All the profit goes to the government, which pays him a salary for his work. Our farmer no longer owns his cow or his milk. His income is usually quite low and does not fluctuate.


Our farmer can, if he wishes, own his cow. In this case he can no longer dispose of the milk as he wishes because the cow has become (according to the law in force) more important than his person. The preservation of the environment takes precedence over all his work and he must comply with all the directives of his government, which will act for the good of the planet, having a fear of seeing the climate go out of control.

So we have a very quick overview of the 4 main movements that can sometimes be found in most governments in place. Of course there are other political ideas, but these are the most common.

When God created the earth, He gave it to human beings to manage. It is up to human beings to manage, organise and take care our world. 

What is sometimes a little difficult to discern is that in every false idea, there is always a tiny part of truth. That is why in these four main political trends we can find a tiny part of good in each of them.

Often we focus on this small part of the truth in a political idea. As a result, we only see this positive part and we neglect all the other facets which, according to the Bible, are not at all a good thing. That is why many political parties rely on the fact that we will see this small part of the truth, without going too deeply into the rest. But the facts show that the majority of people, including Christians, are satisfied with this small part of the truth without going further.

This is why we find Christians voting in the four political trends we have mentioned. That is why you can find Christians in the world voting for political parties that advocate world government, l, g, b or t lifestyles, or abortion, and many other things that God forbids. 

It would seem from this short analysis that liberalism is closest to what the Bible teaches. This could be true, but satan, over time, has taken great care to complicate things so that it is really difficult for a person to find his way around.  

So you will tell me that we have to choose the least worst. And that in this case, we should take the idea that includes the most actions that are in line with God's values?

To this I would say "Yes, you are right". But unfortunately, today things have become a bit more complicated, as we said above.   

The mass media has taken a very important part in our world. These same media have, over time, been bought up by people who want to get their ideas across.  It is a fact that satan has a very strong influence on this media. Everyone knows that the end of times is programmed by God, but this does not prevent the Church from using its voting power and authority to pray that the end of times will be as advantageous as possible for the spread of the Gospel. I am not at all saying that the end of times is imminent, but simply that we are moving towards those times. This means that our world may very well last for hundreds of years.

Even if the political thought most in line with what the Bible teaches would be liberalism, today there are very few people in politics who do not lie, who do not succumb at some point to corruption. Even though we know all this, it is important to vote well so that the Church can keep all its freedoms, but also so that the government does not support or normalise demonic attitudes or thoughts (some of which are mentioned above) in our society. Unfortunately liberalism is also corrupted today. That is why, nowadays, it is more appropriate to vote for a person than for a party.

It is not uncommon in many countries to see school teachings that promote homosexuality of all kinds, transgenderism, and many other similar things. To this we can add actions such as abortion. Recently we have had the experience of compulsory vaccinations, the deprivation of freedoms which has led to millions of lives being ruined. All this is not at all in line with what the Bible teaches us. We will not enter into a debate on these subjects here as it would take far too long. It is simply very easy to see that God considers a child in the womb to be a living being, that the Bible condemns gender theories, or compulsory choice of therapy.

All this already helps us to make a serious selection of the various candidates. So we don't really vote for a party, but more for a person, for his values and his agenda.

Then, as we have quickly mentioned, it is important to be familiar with the systems used today in order to propagate the various information in the different societies of our world. Again, without going into detail, it is easy to see that the vast majority of mass media are not partial. They are often funded by specific ideologies. To this we can add the fact that satan has invested many currents of thought in these same media. The mass media are no longer there to inform, but to push thinking in a specific direction.

But the Bible says that satan does a deceptive work. He always uses the same stupid tactics. That is why it is enough to realise that if the vast majority of the mass media all agree at the same time in the world to support the same idea or opinion, trying to spread worldwide panic by inflating the truth, then there is a very good chance that this opinion is a manipulation in order to push the people into a well-defined area of thought. This is a very good barometer system to use in order not to be deceived. You must make the effort to analyse, to reflect, to not feed your soul with media propaganda. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand, to see the demonic deceptions hidden in the politics of your country. Choose not to think like a sheep, but like a son or daughter of the King who keeps focused on the interests of his kingdom. 

We become what we feed our souls on, that's a fact. If you spend long periods of time every day listening to or watching unscrupulous mass media, then chances are you will eventually succumb to their manipulations and adopt their ideas that you feed on day after day... especially if you don't regularly counterbalance it with what the Bible says on these subjects, reading and studying the Word of God. Remember that you eventually become what you feed your soul on.     

The Bible shows us that Satan will establish a world government. What is called globalism today is a demonic tactic to bring about worldwide bondage and uniformity of faith in an ecumenical religion. A cashless society will also be part of the demonic strategy, where slogans will say that we will own nothing and we will be happy because the government will provide for everything. We should not support these demonic ideas if we want the church to continue in freedom.

It is not my intention in this teaching to steer anyone towards one political idea or another. The purpose of this teaching is simply to enlighten Christians who wish to know the truth so that they can make their choice. But also to know that there is a purpose that is pursued by people influenced by demonic spirits to try to paralyse the Church.

It is therefore necessary, as we said, to vote and choose a person, not a party. Don't take everything you hear at face value, being manipulated, because there is manipulation in many cases, it is unfortunately a fact.

Choose the person who seems to be the most in line with what God says, with His values. Many candidates show their faith in Jesus. Even if they are not perfect, this is a good start. Do not look for the person who promises you the most subsidies. Remember that if a candidate in power had the opportunity to do something and did not do it, then there is a very good chance that he or she will not do it later after his/her re-election. A person in power who makes promises at election time has very little credibility, because he or she has had plenty of time to do so before.  

These are elements that should help you to think differently. It is not a question of voting one way because you are afraid of change, or because you are comfortable in your cocoon. We must vote with confidence that we are doing the right thing for the benefit of the Gospel in our country. Talk to brothers and sisters in a mature way, without necessarily conforming but simply exchanging your ideas on the subject. 

It is obvious, for example, that if I am born again and I choose to vote for a party that advocates or promotes ideas like the ones we have outlined above, then we are in error and promoting the advance of evil.

Be convinced of your vote, for anything that is not the result of conviction is a sin. 

If all Christians in the world would start by not voting for political parties that promote and implement actions that favour the theories we have mentioned above, the Church would be much freer to act.

Also understand that at TRGN we are not against people but against certain ideas generated by satan. This means that we can very well disagree with a person, and even consider that some of the thoughts he supports are demonic, and still respect and love that same person. The new birth allows us (if we choose) to have this ability to not change our mood or our way of being even when faced with a person who does not share our ideas. This is how we should talk politics with each other, while being open to what the Holy Spirit will show us.

Vote well!

Bye for now...

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