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Did Jesus make a mistake when he said in Matthew 24: 34  Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. ?

We often think, without really admitting it, that there is a problem in this statement of Jesus (this has been my case for years)  .
Everyone can of course see that the generation living in Jesus' time is now past, and yet Jesus has not returned in the meantime.

But when we look at it more closely, we realize that the generation, of which Jesus is speaking about at that time, does not refer to the people who lived in Jesus' time.

When we look at the previous verses, we can see that Jesus is talking about the elects (verse 22, 24, 31).
Therefore Jesus speaks here of the elected, He speaks about the facts that concern the elected, that is, those who are saved and born again.
When He speaks to His disciples who are with Him at that time, He speaks about their condition. Jesus speaks about what concerns them.
Therefore this conversation between Jesus and His disciples is about the elected, about those who are born again, about those who are sons and daughters of God.

In this context Jesus then speaks about a generation. He says that this generation will not pass away before all this happens.

When Jesus speaks of a generation, it is not all the people living in his time, but the generation of Christians, the generation of God's sons and daughters, those who are born again.
In other words, Jesus says: "The persecutions I have told you about, but also my return to this earth will come during the period when the new birth is still possible, as long as men have the possibility to be saved through repentance, then you must expect all this".

Jesus simply says that these things will happen during the period when this generation (Christians) will still be on earth.
The generation of which Jesus speaks about describes Christians, and not the people who lived in his time.

Therefore we could add in this passage from Matthew 24: 34 "Verily I say unto you, This generation of elected shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled”.

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