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In the time of grace we don't talk to God the way we did in the time of the law anymore.

There are many words spoken in the period of the law which are not relevant anymore today as:

·         God does not take revenge.
·         God is not jealous.
·         It is not necessary to ask the Holy Spirit to come.
·         We don’t tell God to have mercy on us.
·         It is ridiculous to ask for a double portion of the Spirit of God.
·         We don’t say: “Lord, do not be irritated against me.”
·         We don’t say as well:... “If I found grace in your eyes...”.
·         Today, God does not take away His Spirit, nor His grace.
·         Needless also: “ The people must be united in prayer to address this situation.”

There are still lots of words that are not relevant anymore today, because the period of grace in which we live has changed considerably the outcome.
Grace allows us to be saved. When we get saved there are commitments that God has made toward us as:

·         To have eternal life.
·         The opportunity to be in good physical and mental health.
·         To be safe.
·         To not lack anything, materially speaking, for our life.

But I can also say:

·         I am more that conqueror, nothing is more powerful than the Word which is in me.
·         I am alone, but I have within me more than what is necessary to address this situation by praying.
·         The authority Jesus has given me, cannot be overturn by any power.
·         God has given me the same dose of faith as Paul, Peter, James and John, I have to learn how to activate it.
·         I have the ability to speak to any situation with authority in the name of Jesus.

These points are areas where God has given us everything we need to live them in our daily lives. Everything is already in us, we must learn to use them. The problem is that the vast majority of Christians are waiting (in the best case), to be in trouble or in a situation of crisis to start trying to learn to cope with what God has given them.
In the worst cases, (and this is the vast majority) we call a brother or sister for help on the telephone, sometimes publicly on social medias. “Pray for me”, “God, please help me”, “I need intercessors”, etc...
This isn't the way God foresaw that His children would act when they face a problem. There is a much better way than that.
If you are not able after a few years of Christian life to deal with problem all by yourself, you have a problem to solve.

Learn to use what God has given you, and step out of your comfort zone.

The major difference between the period of law and grace is this:

During the time of the law, God looked at our actions, at our words.
During the time of grace, God looks upstream, in our thoughts.

It is then important to understand what grace includes, in order not to talk as being under the law. Everything God has given us in this time of grace is conditional upon  our faith. That is to say, nothing of all that God has given to us by Jesus, cannot be obtained if we don't firmly believe without doubting that we have already received it.

In this time of grace, every Christian is autonomous in Jesus Christ. Each of us has inside more than the necessary in order to be healthy, to be safe, to don't miss anything, to have a powerful relationship with God, with Jesus Christ, with the Holy Spirit, and to solve each problem which will arise.
Therefore, it is not necessary as soon as a problem arise in your life, to call your brothers and sisters for help asking them to pray for you.
Satan and his demons want to keep your potential hidden , they don't want you to realize the degree of power that is within you by Jesus Christ.

You have within you the same power which keep the Earth from falling into the void!

Of course there is no question of living as a loner. We need fellowship with one another. But this fellowship is not meant for us to ask others to do what we can do ourselves.
We can pray together, we can urge each other, we can share joys and sorrows together, but when we are a mature Christian we are able to use everything God has given us.

Under the law the people needed to be united, to be together in all of the crises which could occur. This because God did not live in their minds on a permanent basis, as it is the case today in the grace period.
God is in you, He has vowed to never leave you, the power of His word is in you as well, use it!

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