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The Gospel that Jesus taught is not a self-centred Gospel.

Everyone will tell me: "Yes of course Franck, I agree”.

Yet, if we think about it, be self-centred is mainly praying for our needs.
Too many people are just complaining: "Lord you know in what situation I am, come to my rescue, I cry out to you, in your grace come and rescue me, remember me, etc... “

The Bible calls it vain repetitions.

Jesus did not come so you act like him, but he came for us to be like Him.
He didn’t give us a better life, but a new life.

We have to understand that when I become like Him, then I'm going to think like Him, I'll talk like Him.
I won't try hard to love people, no, I love people because I’m love as He is love.

I won't explain a situation to God that He already knows about anyway, asking Him to come to my rescue, No, because I become like Him, everything that belongs to Him belongs to me, and I take according to my needs.

And even if I'm in trouble...
My joy and my peace are not related to the circumstances of my life, No, regardless if I'm in abundance or in need, or in pain, I am happy and in peace, because I am His son (daughter), because I’m like Him.
That's why this joy and peace may not in any case be taken away from me, because of needs or suffering.

If my joy and my peace come from the happy circumstances of my life, so when those circumstances change, I’ll lose my joy and my peace, I'm even angry against God (for some of us).
All this because I did not understand the Gospel.

This is the true Gospel: become like Him, and not act like Him.
So, I think like Him, I talk like Him, I act like Him, and eventually nothing is a problem anymore.

I understand that it may be too high for some, but that is what Jesus taught. It's all in your Bible.

Bye for now.

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