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I sometimes hear people who think that salvation in Christ can be lost if we act not the right way. Often these same people think that sin is categorized into several levels more or less important.
If the salvation in Christ could be lost because of sins we commit, then no one could be saved more than a few weeks.

James 4:17 Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.

Every time we do not do the good we know, so we sin. All Christians sin regularly by this verse. Therefore if sin is not categorized by order of importance, then we should lose and having back our salvation several times a month!
This is not in accordance with the teaching of the new Covenant at all.

This does not mean that one can sin without restraint and without consequences.
Certainly not!

Sin is not categorized in the Bible, there is sin, period.
Whether one can be in adultery, theft, or simply over speeding, from a spiritual point of view it's exactly the same thing.

This is why, Salvation cannot be lose once we have it.

For the sceptics, I advise to read our study on the new birth :)

We are open to your questions, or comments.
But please read our study first.

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