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Healing is a way of life, but we can go a little deeper into this subject of healing for ourselves.
The Bible shows us that we can go deeper, and that the best that God has foreseen is far beyond what we can think.

Few people teach it, yet as Christians we have the potential to live in good health.
In this context, praying to be healed is a wonderful thing, because it gives us the opportunity for our lives to overcome any disease or infirmity. But there is still much better than praying for healing in order to live a healthier life....
When you have reached a full health, the goal is not to get sick again.
In the best that God has for us, there is the possibility of no longer praying for our own healing, simply because I will have entered this dimension where I will no longer be sick. It might seem like an utopia, but there is nothing more real than that. It is quite possible to no longer be a victim of illness.

Moreover, if we look a little closer, the laying on of hands for the sick was not given for Christians, but for those who were not born again.
In the gospels, no one had ever been born again. We can therefore consider that each laying on of hands has been for non-Christians. Throughout the rest of the New Testament, we have no example of laying hands on a born again person and filled with the Holy Spirit because of an illness they may have contracted.

Does this mean that we should not pray for ourselves or for a Christian if an illness occurs?
Not at all!

No longer being sick is the best God has planned for us, but while I am accessing this best, while I am in this process, I can of course benefit from the laying on of hands in the name of Jesus.
But it is important for every Christian to know that God has foreseen that we will no longer get sick, and that we must go in this direction, growing in knowledge and practice.

Romans 8:11 And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you.

When I am born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, does the Spirit of God dwells in me?

Who raised Christ from the dead?
God the Father by His power!

Is God in me?

Paul tells us here that when I am born again and filled with the Holy Spirit, then the same power that was used to raise Jesus from death, that is, that this unlimited power, in the person of God, will give me life.

We could therefore think that this power of life in us corresponds to this life of God that has regenerated our spirit for eternity. But it is not so. Paul is not talking here about the regeneration of our spirit, he is talking about our mortal body, in other words, our flesh (our body and soul).

In other words, the power of God in its purest state, that power in the person of the Holy Spirit, the one who, without any effort, raised Jesus from the dead, will fill my body and soul with all His power, so that no disease or dysfunction can persist.

What a revelation!!

Who has never dreamed of no longer being a victim of illness....
Well, I announce to you today that this is available to all Christians filled with the Holy Spirit without any exception.

Like everything that God has given us, we need to believe it firmly without any doubt in order to see it fulfilled in our lives. This revelation is no exception to this rule. So I will have to adopt this thought, engrave it in my way of thinking to see it fulfilled in my daily life.
It is important in this kind of case to remember that our attitudes and words are a perfect barometer to see if this thought is well engraved in my way of thinking or not.

I will therefore be able to "forestall" the disease by preventing it from accessing my body and soul.
We are now entering into a way of life, a way of being. There is nothing complicated about applying this, just believe it firmly without doubt, without ever letting any circumstances modify this thought in me. The Holy Spirit has invested His power into every cell of my body, and no disease, virus or bacteria can remain in my body.
It is when this thought is deeply engraved in me that I will begin to see changes in my attitudes, in my words.
It is very regularly that I will proclaim something like: "Thank God for I know that Your power is in me. Dear Holy Spirit, thank you for living in me, Your unlimited power is in every cell of my body, I am physically filled with the power of God. My body is full of God's life, it is overflowing with the power that raised Jesus from the dead. Hallelujah, no disease can remain in my body, no virus or bacteria can enter my body and survive, in the name of Jesus Amen! ยป.

This is just one example of the expression of this thought engraved in me.
My attitudes will also change, in the sense that I will pay attention to my body. I will not take any ill-considered risks, such as not dressing myself warm enough when I can easily do so.

In this process it can happen that symptoms of illness happen, simply because I have not yet reached the goal. Then my reaction will be decisive. One way to see that I am in the right step will be that I will not panic, but that I will simply proclaim the power of life in my body in the name of Jesus.
Proclaim, activate the faith that is already in me. And it is when my faith is activated that I see the power of the Holy Spirit being fulfilled.

Bye for now.

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