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We often invest ourselves in teachings, one after the other. We feel that the more we will follow, read, or listen to teachings, the more we'll be ready to enter the plan that God has for us.
Of course teaching is good, but only when it is integrated in our lives the right way, which is when the acquired thinking generates acts.

Sunday after Sunday in a local church or other group, we listen to sermons. Often we don’t remember it anymore the following week.

You can attend conference after conference, seminar after seminar, go to camps, listen to hours and hours of videos, or audio teachings, if you stop there without going any further, then your knowledge will profit you nothing.

In the best case, you have a head full of theory, and in the worst case, you will have pieces of information which will remain at a theoretical state, and eventually you will end up mixing everything together.
I often see people who "eat" books, they read for reading, books read one after the other, yet nothing remains.

Everyone can judge by themselves if they are affected by one or more of these examples.
Personally, when I read a book, I often stop 2 or 3 times, leaving this book aside for one to several weeks, because I realize that what I have just read must be put into practice in my life before I continue my reading.

The “putting into practice” in our daily lives takes time!
We must have the wisdom not to keep reading book after book as long as the practical way is not fully acquired.

This isn't the sum of the teachings you listen to, that will transform your person, but only what you are willing to put into practice in your daily life.

So before you start listening to teachings, or reading your Bible again, ask yourself this question: 'Did I put into practice what I read or heard the last time, because I had considered it as a good teaching?'.

Jesus put a strong focus on putting into practice with His Apostles, Paul did the same, as well as Peter, James, John. If we want the same kind of results, then we also need to put into practice what we hear, so it does not remain in a theoretical state in our thinking.

Bye for now.