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Often  people don’t understand why we are not systematically praying for our brothers and sisters when they ask for it.
I'll explain how we act with people who are asking us to pray for them I hope that you will understand our position, which is what the Bible teaches us.

When a person who is not born again ask us to pray for them, we do it with pleasure. Then we always speak about the grace of Jesus for them, then they are free to accept or to refuse for now. I say “for now” because people often refuse the offer of Jesus, then accept it sometime later on J

When a person who is born again contacts us and asks us to pray for them, we ask if they are filled with the Holy Spirit. If this is the case, then we ask them if they are in an emergency situation or not. What we call an emergency situation, is when a person is in such a pain that they could not pray effectively because of their pain. Of course this pain may be physical or mental. If this same person answers that they are in an emergency situation, of course we will pray for them, and they will be healed.

In the case where this person answers that it is not in an emergency situation, then we offer to teach them to pray for what God has already given them: the power of His Word dwelling within themselves, His authority, etc... It is often a matter of few days to get this person able to pray efficiently for their own needs after we have taught them how to do it, which is to pray with them, not for them.

We are aware that this approach is not very popular with a majority of Christians, but it is what the Bible teaches. J

If we take the case of 80% of the Christians in the world, they are in an attitude where as soon as something is wrong with their lives, and despite the fact that they are able to pray, the reflex is to call for help another Christian , a pastor, etc... Unfortunately, this is a sad fact that we strive to rectify at LVBN / TRGN.
Simply because it is not in this way that God wants us to act, this is not that kind of attitude that the Holy Spirit teaches us. Again, this is a huge lack of teaching among Christians, but unfortunately also on the part of a majority of those who are in charge of local churches as they cause people to come to them as soon as there is problem, and don't teach them to step in an autonomy in this regard.

Just look at the Epistles of Paul, Peter, James, or John, nowhere it is question of not teaching people to become autonomous, it’s quite the contrary. The only examples that can be found where they prayed to heal people, are when these same people are not, for a time, able to do it themselves, because they are in an emergency situation, as explained in James 5 for example.
We also found in all the teachings of the new Covenant, a will of God that all His children manifest the same power in prayer with no exception.

How Jesus could have said in Mark 16: 17-18 " And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

Jesus is talking here of a part of those who are born again, but of all the Christians who need to be able to accomplish this Word of Jesus. You see, God has already given us much more than is necessary in order to accomplish this command of Jesus.
I know from experience, and it is easy to see in the Christian world, that when we systematically pray for people whereas they are able to learn to do it, it does that keep them in an attitude where, once cured, they won't want to learn, or for others will not want to make an effort in this direction. And time passes, and the Church worldwide is weak at this level, and this is not normal, because this is not what God wants.

It would be very easy for us to do like 80% of the ministries that get miracles regularly, and create a platform of prayer for the people saying: “Call or write to us, we will pray for you, you have nothing to do if to see your problem solved”.
A number of ministries get very wealthy or become very popular because of such initiatives. But once again, God wants all His children to learn to be strong, and not remain in a life where they are tossed by satan who destroys their lives, simply because they do not use what God has given them.

The Bible recommend to us to pray for one another it is a fact. We can pray together with pleasure, to pray ourselves for brothers and sisters that we love, but not in the purpose to do instead of them what they are able to do themselves. The over assistance does not develop self-sufficiency, and without self-sufficiency we can’t do anything by ourselves.

I'm very aware that I won't always be there for all Christians who contact us, because it's impossible of course, so what is the best solution?

The first solution produces a body of Christ weak at 20%, relying on the 80% remaining, and subject to life and not to the Spirit, a body that is far from producing its full potential.
The second solution produces a church as God has designed it, strong, before which the disease flees, satan runs away, circumstances that change, a Church so full of peace, joy, power, that those who are not in Christ will say: “I want to have what they have, I want to experience it in my life too."

It is this second solution we strive to teach to our brothers and sisters at LVBN / TRGN.

Bye for now.

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