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Too many Christians lives based on their past, to what they have experience long time ago.

Repent means changing my way of thinking, or adopt a thought I’ve never had before.

Nobody can say that he fully knows God, we have so much more to discover from Him.
When we move forward in the knowledge of our Father, most of the time we realise that we had wrong opinions, or wrong ways of thinking about one area of the Christian life.

Suddenly we understand something new, by a teaching, or by the Holy Spirit, and we change our way of thinking.

No one can say :”I have 100% of the revelation of God in my life”.
So when we had a wrong idea about one subject of the Christian life, and that we realise we were wrong, then we change our way of thinking about it to get the true one.
This is also, repentance.
This is why we have to repent regularly in our life.

Repent as the bible teaches it, is moving forward in God!

If you did not repent since a long time, this means that you need to experience more of your Father in heaven. Read, pray, study the Word, and you will repent of some of your way of thinking to adopt a new one inspire by Him , because you have moved forward in Him

You are blessed.