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Most Christians think that God have saved them, that they have their passports for eternity, and that all they have to do is wait for Jesus' return.
We have been saved and well saved.
When Jesus gave His life on the cross, He became like us so that we could become like Him. He took our condition as a sinner so that we could take His condition as Son.
We did not receive a half of salvation, nor were we hardly saved. Jesus paid the full price so that I could recover the image in which God created me. I have been saved from a state that held me outside the image in which I was originally created.
God is love, and it is in this image that He created man.

Jesus saved me from the loss of this image in me. He gave me the opportunity to find back this image, to be love as God is love.
When we lost this image because of sin, we were no longer love at His image, and went from a state of being fully love to becoming in need of love.
That's why most people today are in need of love.
Selfishness is the fact of being sel-centered, because we have a need for recognition.
We often hear that we need to feel loved.
The thirst for glory is a way to have all the attention on oneself, because one needs recognition.

All these attitudes and others are only the result of the fact that man has become dependent on love no longer being love himself. All means are good on earth to try to recover this lost image: money, physical relationships, power, glory, etc....
Man is then in search of that image he has lost. No longer being love, he unconsciously and imperfectly seeks all possible palliatives in order to find this position in the image of God, because he was made to express this image.

Jesus saved us from this condition where we seek what we can never find in this life on earth. He saved us by giving us this opportunity to restore and put on this lost image.

That is why salvation is not a matter of improving my everyday life; nor is it a matter of living by begging God to solve all my problems. When I accepted to be saved, I accepted to restore this image in which I was created, I then enter into a process and I become love as God is love.

Being love does not mean living in laxity and saying yes to everything.
When I enter into this transformation to be in the image of God, I will become like Him. I am no longer dependent on others, the circumstances around me no longer decide my attitude, my mood is no longer in accordance with my day.
I become free as the Bible says. Free to be independent without any influence, except that of this image of God that is in me.
I am not a person who follows rules that God would have established, I am His son, His daughter, a new person because I was born a second time. I no longer do things because they have to be done or because they are written in the Bible, but because my new nature, which is also His, gives me a will that has become natural. I am not trying to act like God, because I have become like Him.

In this perspective I will not beg God to act, I have His authority because I am in His image.
I will not fear the next day either because He has given me everything that belongs to Him.
The disease does not make me tremble, because it is no longer part of this image, it died with my old person.
I do not fear death because my old person is already dead, I can no longer die.
The fear of lacking does not impact me because I am son, daughter, everything that belongs to Him belongs to me too.

All, without any exception, are beneficiaries of this rescue. Jesus gave His life for anyone who wants it. This implies that everyone has received a rescue contract, but only those who have accepted to have received this act of rescue will take possession of it.

In the same way that we are saved by believing it, we will see this image defined more and more in our lives by believing it.
Everything God gives to us is subject to our faith, that is, to be convinced of it without any situation, thought or circumstance having the power to come and tell me the opposite.
I believe it firmly, without a shadow of a doubt. There is no but..., maybe..., perhaps..., and if..., it is a state that I have validated in my person, that nothing and no one can change.

God did the things simple. The Gospel is simple and must remain simple. I have been saved and well saved.
The only condition is to believe to see come to pass, there is no other one.
Do not beg God any more, do not think that He is disappointed with you, do not doubt, because this rescue that He offers to you is perfect, there is nothing to add to it.

We can't manifest this perfect image overnight. But it is by remaining in this process of transformation that we move forward every day a little more. The key is to never stop being transformed.

Bye for now.