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It is very easy to see that the Church in the world, has some habits.

Are they good or not so good?
When we give a series of teachings about the blessing of God, the meetings are full, the comments on social networks explode.
It's great.
A seminar on healing, and people come from everywhere, and ask to pray for them.
It is good.
A conference about God's provision for us, and it’s still packed meetings, and on social networks.
It's a good thing.

But why when we post some teachings about personal sanctification, the interest is suddenly drop by 50% off?
A meeting with a teaching about patience in the persecution, and the rooms are less than half full...
A conference with a teaching to love each other, and there is so little interest...

It seems to me that this is more or less the same, regarding places, in most countries, at least in all those where I went.

Have some of you missed an episode?
Yes it is very possible...

With all the seriousness that this subject requires, if you recognize yourself, then change your way of thinking.

Bye for now...