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Do not put aging and sickness in the same basket, because they are two totally different things, even opposite things.

Most people often confuse the sickness with getting old. We even hear from people who are born again, "Well, you have to die of something!". They think that the sickness is practically indispensable to die.

When we look at a Christian perspective, aging and being sick do not come from the same source.
Sickness is a dysfunction of the body. It can occur for a variety of reasons: a particular lifestyle, being in contact with certain substances, or simply being born with some kind of dysfunction in your body. We could not list all the causes of the sickness in this text, because no one could give an exhaustive list of it.

But what interests us in this teaching today is to understand the difference between aging and sickness.

When man chose to follow satan's advice and directives, he lost his perfection, his relationship with God. From that moment on, God set up a rescue plan called the salvation plan. Man had to be able to rediscover this relationship with God in order to receive Him in him, in his spirit.
We know of course that this experience is called the new birth. Our spirit is regenerated by the Holy Spirit and made perfect, and sealed against sin (Ephesians 4:30).

From our new birth our old person died, but our body and soul remain. They are not in an optimal state because they are contaminated by the nature of sin. Our soul is weak and so is our body. Both can sometimes be subjected to the sickness.
That's why we can't stay in a state like this forever. Moreover, we know that a weak soul and body subject to sin could not survive in the spiritual world in the presence of God.

That is why in His plan of salvation, God has triggered the process of aging.

Sickness is the result of sin on earth. From the creation that was cursed after the fall of Adam and Eve, viruses developed, bacteria. And man under demonic influence is still working today on developing techniques and substances that generate a whole multitude of physical and moral dysfunctions.

It is therefore very important not to put sickness and aging in the same basket!

If I think that aging is the result of a sickness, then I have not fully understood the process of salvation. I will then consider myself to be suffering from a sickness of which I do not really know the origin as soon as symptoms of aging appear.
Yet my aging is God's will and it is beneficial to me.

The sickness is there only to make me suffer and those around me as well; it has no educational value as sometimes misunderstood. Sometimes Christians are sick and realize that they have spent more time praying and reading, but also that they have refocused on the right priorities. This is not the result of the sickness, it is rather a human reaction in general to suffering, but also the fact of having more free time to devote themselves to spiritual life and, which is quite different. Sickness is one of the consequences of sin on the human race. It makes no feelings, it will fall on the old man as well as on the young child, it will destroy, kill sometimes, and steal.

John 10: 10  The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy....

We know that this thief is satan and his demons.

God gives us the grace to age so that one day we can move into the spiritual world to spend eternity with Him, and give us a perfect and incorruptible body.

We could ask ourselves why God could not take us up once we are saved, without going through an aging process that would lead us to physical death.

God needs us to continue to spread the Gospel so that the maximum can be saved. There would be no question of behaving in a selfish way without thinking of those who need to know about salvation in Jesus.
On the other hand, going through an aging process keeps us in a slow and smooth progression. If everyone were to be removed from the earth as people who suffer sudden death, then the shock would be much more severe than it already is for some people.

God has provided that we can die in good health, and not necessarily as a result of illness.  God did not plan for me to die of a sickness in order to leave this earth.

The Bible tells us about characters who died healthy.

You can die in good health because it is God's will for all His children!

Genesis 25: 8 Abraham died and died, after a happy old age, old and full of days, and was gathered to his people.

Genesis 35: 29 He (Isaac) died and died, and was gathered to his people, aged and full of days, and Esau and Jacob his sons buried him.

1 Chronicles 29: 28 So He (David) died in a good old age, full of days and riches and honor...

2 Chronicles 24: 15  But Jehoiada grew old and was full of days, and he died; he was one hundred and thirty years old when he died

Job 42: 17  So Job died, old and full of days.

When the Bible speaks of being full of days, it means, among other things, "dying in good health", and not of any sickness.
That's what God has planned for us. Aging is a blessing for the one who is born again because it is a step towards eternity.

Do not hesitate to speak to your body with your authority in Jesus very regularly. I've been doing this for years and it works perfectly!

Use your authority in Jesus Christ to command all the cells in your body to function perfectly as God created them!

Thank God for your departure, which will be "full of days", and not because of any sickness!

Regularly proclaim perfect health on your body and soul in the name of Jesus!

Do not let yourself be destabilized by the symptoms of sickness, refuse them with faith in the name of Jesus!

Don't wait for sickness to arrive to proclaim your health, get ahead of it!

If the sickness occurs for one reason or another, do not accept it, learn to use your faith to see it disappear!

Do not wait for God's time for healing, there is no "time of God" in this subject, God's time is now!

And finally, no longer see your aging as a sickness because it is a blessing that will take you to the perfection of eternity.

 Bye for now.