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The concept of a spiritual spouses… is a demonic lure.


The Bible shows us that a demon cannot act on the physical body of a born-again person. The only example where a demon could act physically would be in the case of demonic possession, which can only happen to a person who has not been born again. And even then, the demon can only act inside the body, not outside it.

Some people might say to me: "But Franck, I regularly experience this kind of thing, being raped by a demon at night, and in the morning I can see the physical traces of it!”

A few years ago, more and more people contacted me at TRGN with this kind of problem. I have to say that I was perplexed by the testimonies of people who told me that they had physical traces when they woke up. However, I couldn't imagine that Christians could suffer this kind of thing while they were asleep; it seemed very unfair to me and incompatible with the New Covenant. So I began to pray, to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. And some time later, by dint of study and prayer, the solution simply came to me.

I'd just like to quickly add that I'm in no way exceptional in having such a relationship with the Holy Spirit. It is given to all those who are born again, without exception. You just have to spend the necessary time and make the right life choices.     

If a person is demon-possessed, then it is certain that they will be more exposed to demonic actions in their body, but even in this case, the Bible shows us that no one is obliged to do what a demon urges them to do.

We can see this in the example of a man who runs to Jesus in Mark 5, just as Jesus arrives in the land of the Gadarenes. Despite being possessed by a legion of demons, this man managed to run and throw himself at Jesus' feet to get help. The demons in this man certainly did everything they could to prevent him from running to Jesus, but they did not succeed.

This shows us that a demon cannot force a human being to take a particular action if he does not want to. Of course it won't be easy, but it's far from impossible.


Having said that, in the case of what is known as "spiritual spouses", whether the person is possessed or not, the scenario always remains the same at its source. Often the people concerned still have or have had relations with pornography or sexual perversion.

The first step is to ensure that the person no longer has any direct or indirect contact, voluntary or not, with pornography or sexual perversion, by firmly and definitively renouncing it. Without a decision on the part of the person concerned to cut themselves off from these things, it's pointless. That's why it's vital that the person in question makes a firm decision to cut themselves off from all this before doing anything to free themselves from it.

Once this person has decided to cut themselves off from these demonic things, all you have to do is explain to them what happens at night when they are subjected to sexual actions while they are asleep.

As I said above, many people, especially from Africa, have contacted me at TRGN over the years (and still do today), with similar problems, and I have to say that 100% of the people who have accepted to listen to what the Bible says and who have put into practice what I have explained to them, have been delivered from this type of problem.

In fact, it is important to understand that a demon can suggest thoughts to us, both when we are asleep and during the day when we are conscious, a fact that the Bible does not hide from us.

For more details on this subject, see my study entitled "The True Colours of satan".

While they are sleeping, these people will be solicited in their thoughts by a demonic spirit in the form of a dream. Of course, this does not necessarily constitute demonic possession.

Because of the relations that this person had, or still has, with pornography or sexual perversion, such as masturbation, rape, pornographic images, adultery, or even having their thoughts often directed towards the opposite sex apart from their spouse, implying regular physical desire, this person will therefore be a victim of these things in their life. In their sleep, a demon will suggest a dream (as unfortunately sometimes happens to everyone), which will have a sexual subject of some kind. As a result, in their sleep, driven by this dream, these people will masturbate on their own bodies, sometimes with other gestures of their own making, which may leave physical traces. This person may or may not remember the dream, without ever knowing that it was they who acted on their own body in their sleep.

This is why people involved in this kind of thing, called "spiritual spouses", think that they have been raped by a demon. But in fact these people have been victims of themselves being deceived by a demonic spirit. They themselves have practised this sexual abuse in their sleep on their own bodies without realising it. 

This is why the most vicious thing about these examples is that anyone who is affected by this problem and believes that they are the victim of a demon who is going to rape them during the night, is not going to try to get rid of it by changing anything in their person or their thoughts, because they think that the problem does not come from them. And that's what demonic manipulation is all about!

People think there's nothing they can do, or others will try to chase away a demon who is in fact acting in their thoughts because of their ignorance. But this is a wasted effort because it is impossible to cast out a demon to stop it suggesting demonic thoughts to us. Satan still has the power to suggest lies to everyone on earth. The only way is to change ourselves, to enter into our spiritual authority and into a renewal of our thoughts, so that we no longer hear these demonic suggestions.

The solution is therefore fairly simple and relatively quick, depending on the person's determination to achieve it. For a person who has not been born again, the most urgent thing is to go through the new birth.

Then, once we're dealing with a born-again person (whether they've just gone through the new birth or have been born again for a longer time), all that's needed is for that person to first decide, firmly and definitively, to cut off any relationship with thoughts, attitudes or various sexual practices.

At this stage, all that remains to be done is to explain to this person the potential that God has already placed within them, but also the authority through the power of the Holy Spirit that has been given to them.

Regularly renewing our souls is also very important in helping this process to take shape more quickly.

I'll simply remind you here that renewing our minds means: "Studying what God says in the Bible, taking into account the context and being sure to understand the author's thinking, then objectively comparing what I read with my own attitudes and words, and finally making all the necessary changes in my person so that what I have read juxtaposes perfectly with my behaviour".


All the people who have contacted TRGN with this type of problem and who have agreed to follow all the advice mentioned above, have all seen their nights radically changed by a deep and blessed sleep without any further demonic intervention.


Bye for now...

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