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I can be a Christian who works, who is raising children at home, a student, a pastor, an international preacher, regardless of my position, there are always opportunities to talk about the grace of Jesus around me.

If I only speak about grace in Christian circles (local churches, groups, etc.), then I'm missing a dimension.

You can work full time in a Christian Ministry or not, try to count how many people you meet every week in the street, in stores, at school, at work, on weekends, etc... You will see that the number is impressive.

These opportunities are just as important as those organised in the area of the local church. Being a Christian is 24 / 7, not only when I hear a sermon I preached, or even give a biblical teaching.

What would the world be if all Christians, including leaders, speak about the grace of Jesus in their work environment, but also in all areas of their everyday lives as: leisure, travel, when shopping, vacations, etc?

We are all on the same level in regard to the proclamation of the good news in our daily lives. We all have the same responsibility.

If you are a Christian, and you don't talk about the Gospel around you, then you need to understand how much God loves you.

If I talk about the Gospel it is that I find it's the best opportunity for people, not because the Bible says to do so. Of course, it is not question about minimize what the Bible says. Announcing the good news is first and foremost giving to others that I myself already received.

It's when I understand how much God loves me, that, then I love others, and if I love the others, I can't do otherwise than offer this unconditional love that lives inside of me. A Word, a gesture, a care, will be allies to spread the Gospel.

Talking about the good news, is to love my neighbour. This is why there isn't more appropriate places than other to talk about Jesus, because my neighbour is everywhere.

You struggle to talk about the grace around you, regardless of the place?

Contact our ministry The Real Good News, we will be more than happy to help you get there.

Bye for now…

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