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I’ve been asked more and more often this question:
“But who should I talk to when I pray?”
If I talk to Jesus or to the Holy Spirit, does God hear me as well?

There are many other questions that are asked about that subject.
Eventually most Christians speak to God when they pray, some others prefer to say 'Lord' because it includes all three of them.

The answer is easy, we simply need to understand the "role" of God, the one of Jesus and the one of the Holy Spirit.

·         God is the one who conceives the plan of my life. He is the one who desires and creates this plan in a complete way for me. He designs all the details. He creates it through His thinking, he declares it.
·         Jesus is the one who makes this plan possible. He made sure, by giving His life for me, that this plan can become alive, that it can legally exist in heaven.
·         The Holy Spirit is the one who will help me to put this plan into practice in the tangible world. He enables it to be possible to put in practice. He is going, in team with me, to help me to enter it by creating the circumstances and to lead me to meet the right people, etc... so that what God has designed, what Jesus has made possible, he can put it into practice in my life with my collaboration.

We could then summarize the things this way:

·         God loves me and wants me to be happy, for that, He has wishes for me, for my life. It will say: “I want (your name) to be able to know me, I want him (her) to be able to live with My nature in him (her). I have planned that he (she) becomes My child, that he (she) possesses everything I own, and that he (she) could express it. I have planned to give him (her) everything so that he (she) may become like Me, be love as I am love. Now I hand it over to you Jesus...”.
·         Jesus will say: “Thank you Father, I gave My life with joy, I did it according to my own desire, I'm glad that I have done it simply because I love you. Now, and because I offered my life, (your name) is entitled to accede the plan that you Father have designed.”... “I'm the One who made the plan for your life being authorized by the laws of heaven. This plan for your life is now an act which has an existence, it is written.”... “So now Holy Spirit, I hand it over to you ...”.
·         The Holy Spirit will answer: “Thank you Jesus, so I'll make sure to put this plan into practice with (your name).” ... “As I'm the only One of the three who remains with you on Earth, I will create situations, circumstances. Of course both of us have our role to play, I teach you and you put into practice, I’ll release the power of God in your life. I'm with you every day, all through the day I am in you, and I follow you everywhere where you go; during the night I stay by your side, looking at you all night until the morning. With our team, nothing will be impossible for you to do anymore.”

It's a simple word I received many years ago, it still helps me keeping that clear vision of God, of Jesus and of the Holy Spirit in my life.

When I pray, I now know the role that each (who are all three God) will be able to take up in my life.
This is not frozen, in the sense that if I talk to God about the practical implementation of my Christian life, it is not a mistake. What it is important to remember is that God is “Three”,  to make, at contrary, things simpler for us.

Bye for now.