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In the Garden of Eden, there was two trees, one of the knowledge of good and evil, and one of life.

You might think that it is good to say: "I have prayed well" or "I have really studied the Bible for a long time today”. Of course we reap the positive consequences of it in this case, but...

In our relationship with God we have to remove the knowledge of good and evil, because it pushes us to evaluate our thoughts, our actions, and our words toward Him. It is by removing all these attitudes based on what is good or bad, that we get to a real relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Esprit, which will be based on love and the natural, and not on any performance measured by the knowledge of good and evil.

When a person goes through the new birth, he rejects the knowledge of good and evil to get the attitude of life. He comes down the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, to get onto the tree of life.

That's what represents our logo at TRGN, the passage from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, to the one of life.

Life, it is not only to no longer die, but to adopt the standard of God in regard to what is right or what is wrong.

The standard of God is to love me for the person I am and not for what I say.
Life is being loved by Him, love Him and love others. There is no more room for evaluation in true love, because we simply love.

In love we always do our best, because we feel loved. Therefore, there is no performance.
It's because I feel loved by my Daddy, that I look no more to what I do, I realized that it is unnecessary because of the love that unifies us, I always do my best.
This does not prevent me to fall, but when this happens, here again there is no “You did wrong”, or “You could have done better”, there is: “I love you, get up, let's continue together...”


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