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Often Christians are struggling with the unconditional.
We are all used from childhood to the performance, the merit, the rewards or punishments in regards of our actions, the marks at school, then later on in life, a salary increase in our work... Everything is rewarded according to our actions.
It is so deeply printed among some Christians sometimes, that they are really struggling to live the unconditional.

You can pray 4 hours every day, God won't love you more
You can read the Bible 3 hours a day, God won't love you more
You can give your life for your neighbour, God won't love you more
You can make dozens of miracles per day in the name of Jesus, God won't love you more
You can give all your savings for the Gospel, God won't love you more

But also,
Even if you pray twice a week, God won't love you any less
Even if you open your Bible once a month, God won't love you any less
Even if you do not help your neighbour, God won't love you any less
Even if you never pray for anyone, God won't love you any less
Even if you never give for the Gospel in the world, God won’t love you less

It's called the unconditional love of God.
To acquire the balance of the unconditional, it requires a little process.

When I realize I messed up, that I have sinned, my attitude, my relationship with my Father must not change a single millimeter. I still feel His love as much, because I know that He absolutely does not change His attitude toward me, whatever happens.
The condemnation is a feeling that I don't have in my relationship with my Father.
I never implore Him, I don't ever beg Him, because our relationship never suffers any misunderstanding.

From a human point of view this kind of relationship would be almost indecent, opportunist.
This is what means "God does not change”.

When I have bad thoughts, bad words, bad attitudes, it is only me and my relatives who are impacted. God, Him, does not change toward me.
Of course I will be the first to suffer for my mistakes.
And it is precisely when I understand and I practice this unconditional relationship with my Father, that a huge desire, accompanied by a supernatural strength create in me to sin less and less.
Then I would pray unceasingly with pleasure...
Then I would read the Bible without seeing the time passing...
Then I would help others because I love them...
Then I would pray for others, because I would have compassion...
Then I would give my money for the Gospel to move forward in the world...

His unconditional is our strength to resist to sin.

Have a good day with Him...

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