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The Real Good News in DR Congo...










Our office in DR Congo is located in the Est part of the country in Nyankunde in the North Kivu region.

Jean Luc Simbilyabo our TRGN DR Congo in the foreground below:



Here is the utility vehicule that was given to us a few years ago and which has become indispensable for transporting food.




Our TRGN DR Congo director Jean Luc is doing a remarkable job with his whole team to help as many people as possible to eat their fill. To do this, TRGN's partners are also doing great work. Thank you to all those who give to help the people who don't have food every day. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a table full of food at every meal, as is the case for most of us in Western countries.

TRGN is involved in food distribution. If you wish to help us so that these distributions are more regular, thank you for your generosity. You can click on the "Make a donation" button at the top of this page.

A stock of rice ready to go for the surrrounding populations.

Jean Luc Simbiliabo is the Director of LVBN DR Congo. He is also director of the Christian Radio RTER.

Jean Luc and his wife Annie and their team take care of the prints and binding of our Bible studies and distribute them for free. The MAF aircraft help us in this work for the transport of people and of our published studies.

Today LVBN DR Congo is funded 100% by our personal funds. Jean Luc and his team print and bind more than 5000 pages of studies each month representing approximately $250 supplies in paper, toner, and binder plastic flanges.

Jean Luc and Annie Simbilyabo and their children.

Printing and bindings of our Bibles studies ready to be given.


Our wish is that LVBN DR Congo will become financially autonomous for supplies.  Jean Luc and his team are now working as volunteers for us. This financial autonomy would compensate Jean Luc, to pay for supplies of impressions and binders, and would help open other offices.

If you would like to help Pastor Jean Luc to spread the real good news in DR Congo you can contact him directly.  100% of your donations will go to LVBN DR Congo.
To contact Pastor Jean Luc Simbilyabo

Tel: +243 810 912 465 ou +243 997 674 146

Email: rdcongo@lavraiebonnenouvelle.org

Jean Luc and his wife Annie Simbilyabo.


One of our free distribution of TRGN / LVBN Bibles studies



TRGN has launched a major translation project that will touch more than 12 African countries!
We translate all our biblical studies into Kiswahili or Swahili language which will enable us to reach 12 regions of Africa with the power of the Grace of Jesus Christ.
These countries main languages are French and English, but the vast majority of inhabitants don’t’ understand or read English or French.  This is why the TRGN studies translated into Kiswahili language will allow a huge step to spread the good news to these people.

One of the many students that take advantage of our Bible studies for free.

The regions concerned for Kiswahili are:

  • Kenya
  • Tanzania 
  • Zanzibar 
  • DR Congo 
  • Comoros Islands 
  • Uganda 
  • Rwanda 
  • Burundi 
  • Northern Malawi 
  • Northern Mozambique 
  • North of Zambia 
  • Somali Republic

Gilbert who was totally healed from body burn after the prayer of authority from Jean Luc.

It is Jean Luc Simbilyabo, our Director of TRGN in the DRC who heads the project on the spot.
Our TRGN studies in Kiswahili will be distributed for free to those how request it in hardcover book form.
It is a huge opportunity brought to us to be able to see these people access the new birth, who in turn will be able to manifest the power of the Gospel by healing any disease in the name of Jesus, proclaiming the Gospel anywhere and to cast out any demon….

This project has already begun and for the moment we are operating with a single laptop which we purchased from our personal finances and send it to the DRC.  We have two other translators for French- Kiswahili from the team of Jean Luc, who are awaiting for us to provide them with a laptop in order to continue with the translations.

We need your help to achieve this project.
Please take some time to visit our website and read our Bible studies and to acknowledge the nature and the power of our teachings.
If you wish to participate so that all those who speak Kiswahili will have access to the real Grace of Jesus Christ?


To help us in this please contact us at:

Email: rdcongo@lavraiebonnenouvelle.org

Tél : +243 810 912 465 ou +243 997 674 146 (TRGN RD Congo)



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