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Are you going to put your studies in audio MP3 format ?

Yes, it’s a project that will come to pass. For the time being we are concentrating on making as many studies as possible on different subjects to answer the requests we receive.


Do you depend to a specific church ?

No, we don’t depend on any church. Of course all the members of the team of the Real Good News Ministry belong to a Christian church that teaches the new birth, but all the members from the team don’t belong to the same church because some of them are living in a different country.


Are your studies only available in French ?

All our studies are also available in English. Our project is to translate all the studies into as many different languages as possible. It’s our priority project. For now about 95% of the studies are already translated into English.


Do you accept donations ?

Yes, you can choose to help us on a regular base or just for once. To do so, just click on our donate page or Click Here


Do you re-sell email addresses from the people who write to you ?

Not at all, we are not re-selling email addresses, and will not communicate them to anyone. Each email conversation stays strictly confidential. 


Why don’t you have teaching videos on your website ?

It’s a middle term project, but it’s planned. For the moment we are focusing on translation and on audio recording.


What happens if I have a question about the studies ?

The only way to get in contact with us is by email. You are more than welcome to ask questions or send your comments.


I would like to translate your studies. How can I do this ?

If you feel that this job is for you, there are few compulsory conditions to fulfill.

  • You must be a born again Christian, to be able to understand well the teachings you will translate.
  • To agree with the teachings you will translate.
  • To have very good spelling and grammar.

If you fulfill these conditions, send us an email to info@therealgoodnews.org and tell us about your desire.

If you don’t fulfill those conditions, you can still contact us because we may help you to fulfill certains of our conditions. We take for granted that a motivated person can accomplish a lot of things.

Once those conditions are fulfilled, we will go a little deeper in our discussion, in areas such as : your motivation, recommendations, etc…


What is the meaning of the two trees on the Real Good News logo ?

The first tree on the left side of the logo represents the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

The one which is on the right represents the tree of life.

Those two trees were in the Garden of Eden.

It’s by taking and eating the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil that Adam and Eve have seen the sin coming into them.

In our relationship with God we somehow have to remove this knowledge of good and evil, because it causes us to evaluate our thoughts, our actions and our words towards Him. It’s by removing all thoses attitudes based on what is good or bad, that we are able to access a real relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit which will then be based on genuine love which becomes natural to us. Our relachionship with god will ideally not be based on any "performance" of our knowledge of good or evil.

The main purpose of the Real Good News Ministry is to take Christians and non-Christians people in this kind of relationship with God. A relationship that starts from the tree of knowledge of good and evil going towards a relationship based on the tree of life, this unconditional love for us. Because we cannot accomplish this "removal of knowledge of good and evil" or to change ourselves. It is only the power of God working in us that change our attitudes, and without Jesus Christ we have no forgiveness, no hope, and no future.



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