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Welcome to the Real Good News website. You will find here biblical studies to read or to download freely. The goal of this ministry is to help born again Christians to become more autonomous with God’s Word. But also to present the Real Good News of Jesus Christ and His offer of a new life.

All our studies are only based on the Bible. None of what is written has been done without being tested and integrated into our everyday lives.

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Watch some healing miracles in videos!

We go in the streets, on the markets, to pray for the sick, and to preach the Gospel.

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Hundreds of people are healed every year. Some of them get born again through our healing tent, on the markets, in the streets, places of worship, and lots of other places...

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We offer you some Bible studies in Ebooks format about differents themes.

We recieve regularly some testimonies of Christians who had their everyday lives revolutionized by thoses studies.

Franck always says that he never write anything that he hasn't first integrate and fully experimented in his personnal life. All this teachings are lived by all the members of our team.

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Some quick teachings short and deep are also available.

Those teachings are based on one subject at the time, and will help you to move forward in the area that you have chosen.

Some questions that the vast majority of Christians are asking themselves, and that have too rarelly recieved answers.

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Visit our Citations page. Franck gives you dozen of short thoughts, in order to help you to better unsderstand the Christian life. Click here.

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TRGN Acts is an online Bible college in two years. You will be able to learn to use all what God has given to you. But also enter into a personal transformation in order to become like God.

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If you have accepted our offer for a new life today, we would love to hear from you. Share with us about your story. Please send us an email at: info@therealgoodnews.org and tell us what's happening in your new life!










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