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Pastor Denis Okido is our director for TRGN ministries Kenya.

Denis is the senior pastor of the church in the district of Teso, Busia County in Kenya. His local church is growing regularly, with the teaching that he preaches every Sundays. More than hundred persons are attending the meetings. We are confident that this local church in Teso will double very soon.

We will start very soon our free Bible school TRGN Acts with Denis, to help Christians, and also pastors to grow and act on the power of the holy Spirit.

Here are few words of Denis after one year studying our teachings...

Denis Okido and his wife Jaquiline


Through TRGN teachings actually my church members are so much blessed through this teachings, they are experiencing a lot of power from GOD, and healing, they are so glad, for what GOD is doing in their life’s, and they are also very happy to receive TRGN teachings, also we are going on with studies every Tuesday with my church members, the church is more increasing.
Every church that invited to teach I leave impact behind, lot of love from the audience and testimonies’ following me for what God has done changing their ways of thinking and healing.
Last week I was called by one of my church member to go and pray for her sister’s daughter who collapsed on her way home from school, the girl was taken to several hospitals but no improvement they decided to return her home. the girl developed stroke on one side of the body, she was not talking she became tongue-tied not able to pronounce words, the girl is secondary school student, a day’s scholar. 
I prayed for the girl at the moment the girl cried laud and and scrolling I rebuked demon and evil spirit to came out and I commanded sickness to leave her in Jesus name, after prayer I told her to confess Jesus as her personal savior she was able to talk, now she is talking fluently the stroke has gone she is well now, glory be to God.
About the little child of 2yrs she is well now no problem totally healed. Many many people are healed.




I realy thank God for this far that has brought me through The real good news (TRGN)bible studies,this has made my teachings more powerful than before for the glory of God,i always put in practice the teachigs in my daily life.
I dont strugle so much since i joined TRGN bible studies the Holy spirit guides me on what to teach and what to be done in a apaticular moment.
My church members are so much more intrested with my teaching,they alway feel the love of God since I taught them about the grace of Jesus.my church is increasing we normally receive atleast a new convert in every sunday,my members  are going out for avangelsim and bring people to the church because i have taught them about the authority of a christian they have known on how to pray ,also to pray for others and healing (self sufficient,)
Whenever i'm invited to the various church for the seminars, crusades and also church service to teach,people alway experience a lot of impact through my teachings,and healing  taking place  including cancer,blind see and mute child spoke for the first time.and also people problems are being solved in deferent ways,this is for the glory of God and the team of the Holy spirit.
TRGN has made things to move forward in my ministry and my daily life,we have created time for discussion with my family to share the word of God.my prayer is that "let" God expand TRGN ministry so that can reach all the corners of the world,so that many may receive the blessings from God.

Denis Okido.


Okido's children.

TRGN BIblez colleg KEnya

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