Thank you for your interest to invite Franck to teach in your congregation.


Thank you to read this before sending your invitation:



Your invitation should mention the following information:

  • Your name.
  • Name of the church or ministry who send the invitation.
  • Complete address, don't forget to mention the country.
  • Telephone of the church and the person who organise the event.
  • Dates of the event, thank you to specify if you are fexible on those dates or not.
  • Specify the place of the event: local church? hired place? etc... Thank you also to mention its complete address.
  • How many chairs are available in the room where the event will be held?
  • How many persons attend this local church usually?
  • How many persons do you expect for this event?

Regarding finances, if Franck accept your invitation, we request that all travel fees will be paid (if needed).

Franck does not ask any honorarium, however if you would like to, you can organise an offering but it is totally up to you.

You can ad any information that might be relevant for us in your invitation Email.


If so you would like to invite Franck, thank you to send your invitation by Email at info@therealgoodnews.org



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