Here you can find some of the basic principles of the confession

of faith of TRGN.

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We believe that the Bible is inspired by God.

We believe that the Bible has all authority in matters of faith, and that it is inspired by God. It contains the Word of God.


We believe in one God, made up of three persons.

We believe that God is the creator of the universe. He is God, but also Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are equal. All three are God.


We believe Jesus gave His life for all human beings.

We believe that Jesus Chirst sacrificed Himself voluntarily on the cross. But also He lived a life on earth without sin, without committing any fault. Because of this we believe that, by this sacrifice, anyone can access the eternal life. To do this, we just have to repent (change our way of thinking), to accept that Jesus forgave all our sins by telling Him out loud. But also applied His teachings given in the Bible in our daily life. This process is called the new birth.

The new birth must also be accompanied by a personal transformation into the image of God. In practice, every person who is born again must immediately after his or her new birth enter into a process in which he or she will gradually, and through proper teachings, enter into a transformation of his or her person to become more and more like God. Becoming like God does not mean becoming God, but simply thinking like God, speaking like God, having the same priorities as God, and many other aspects of God's nature.


We believe that the salvation in Jesus Christ has several aspects.

We believe that salvation in Jesus Christ includes not only eternal life, but also being in good health, being safe, not missing the essential, and a personal transformation into the image of God



We believe that God wants us in good health.

We believe that God's will is that we are in good health regardless of the circumstances, and that in no case God uses suffering or disease to teach us anything.


We believe that the salvation in Jesus Christ cannot be lost.

We believe that salvation in Jesus Christ is acquired once and for all when one is born again. The only fact that we could lose that salvation would be to sin against the Holy Spirit, which would mean to give back his salvation to God by telling Him in full knowledge of the facts. This would be irrevocable.


We believe that the new birth is essential for all.

We believe that every human being is called to go through the new birth according to what the Bible teaches. This new birth is not conditionned by what we do, but only by Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. We believe that this sacrifice is more than enough to erase all sins, past, present and future sins. We also believe that the new birth must be accompanied by substantial changes in a person's life, being the by-product of a change of mentality in a person's life.


We believe that the Holy Spirit still has a major role for us today.

We believe that the Holy Spirit not only teaches us, but that we can have a personal relationship with Him in the same way that we have one with God or Jesus. One of the evidences of the fact that the Holy Spirit dwells in a person on a permanent basis, is the manifestation of the speaking in tongues. However, this manifestation of speaking in tongues is not conditional to be saved.


We believe that Jesus will come back on earth.

We believe that Jesus will return to earth to take up His Church. But those who have not accepted the offer of Jesus on the cross through the new birth, will have sadly the same condition as satan and his demons in hell.


We believe that the Church of Jesus Christ is made up of all who are born again.

We believe that all who are born again in Jesus Christ, without any distinction of race, social condition, or denomination, form the Church of Jesus Christ on the earth.


We believe that all Christians have the same basic goal.

We believe that every Christian, born again and baptised in the Holy Spirit have the potential to pray with success for any disease, to prophesy, and to proclaim the Gospel in any place to any person.


We believe in baptism in water by immersion.

We believe that each born again person must be baptised by immersion. However, baptism is not a condition to be saved. A person who would go through the new birth, and who would come to die before they can be baptised, would nevertheless be saved. Water baptism by immersion is the symbol of a baptism of permanent immersion of our person in the person of God.



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